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How to reset your Kindle, if you have download stuck

I am happy owner of older Kindle Keyboard (without 3G, it should be 3rd generation of Kindle readers).  Since I have version without 3G, I am downloading everything via WiFi at home. I often read articles from our local web magazines or development articles with help of this tool : Kindle It, really good Firefox plugin.

A week ago I accidentally downloaded (well it looks like that) the same article 2 times, or maybe this isn’t the case here, but anyway one article was stuck in a way that is was still in the queue for download, with 100% completed, but it was still there in View Downloading Items menu. Hmm, now what? I found one forum with someone with same problem, the advice was to resend same thing. But the article was gone from our local news page, or it changed name but I wasn’t able to find it. :( I also investigated on Amazon’s My Kindle page, nothing. The article was gone from queue (no pending articles), it looked like problem of my device. I also checked the firmware version, I have the latest… Then I found this post :

And this was the solution :

I had the same problem but I already had the latest software so couldn’t update. Went into menu from the home screen, clicked settings, menu again, clicked restart. Kindle went through a complete restart, loaded up, problem solved.

Thank you Jen , didn’t knew that there is this submenu. :)

My device rebooted, it looked like reboot after firmware update (with child reading under tree and progress bar, it took something about 30s+-), then Kindle started with clean list of books but don’t worry, it will load them all in few seconds :) just wait and you will see, but the orientation was gone and maybe some other small settings that I just didn’t realized yet.

My problem is gone and hopefully yours will be too :) . If you have any other way of solving this problem, please share in comments. Thank you dear reader.