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Unable to attach to the process. A debugger is already attached. – Unable to attach to IIS problem in Visual Studio.

So I came across this sweet little problem that I wasn’t able to attach to IIS 7.5 from my VS 2012 on Windows 7 and I want to share the solution with you.

I am taking part on development of larger ASP.NET WebForms 4.5 application and we are using local SQL server + local IIS 7.5 on Windows 7. From some point in time, I wasn’t able to attach to IIS w3wp.exe process.  Every other process I was able to attach however and I was puzzled. The note I had from VS 2012 was looking like this :unable to attach to the process IIS vs 2012

The problem was, that I wasn’t for some time creating any server side code (I was playing on the client) and I installed some tools and programs that might changed something. Another problem was, that I could inspect the w3wp.exe in say Process Explorer but I wasn’t able to find any tool that would tell me : what process in attached to some particular process of my interest (if you know any tool that can do this, please share, thank you). I googled and binged but most of the problems I found were about Developer Tools in IE attached to IE itself and nothing that could help me.

Today I had some time to fiddle around and the solution is simple :

I was playing with this tool from Microsoft : Debug Diagnostic Tool 1.2 which is able  (if you create a rule for that) to listen to IIS and collect exceptions. I created a rule some time ago and I forgot to deactivate it. So everytime IIS started, it attached and collected the data. I told DDT to do so. And I was second in a row. If you deactivate the running/attached rule, VS will be able to attach again.

Just don’t forget to do so.

debug diagnostic tool deactivate rule

Hope this will save you some time. :) Enjoy.